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3 Interior Painting Tips From a Reliable Interior Painter

Proper Surface Preparation for Your Painting Project

Many people attempt to do interior painting projects on their own. Painting a couple of walls can be worthwhile and satisfying if you have plenty of time and patience. Proper surface preparation is key to good results. Professional painters make it look easy because they have the right tools, supplies, and expertise to achieve high-quality results. Follow these 3 interior painting tips from a reliable interior painter when you decide to roll up your sleeves and tackle a painting project in your home.

Clean Dirty Surfaces

Paint won’t adhere to greasy, grimy, or dusty surfaces. Areas such as walls around a kitchen stove or light switches need a thorough cleaning before fresh paint is applied. Using a degreaser to clean the surface before painting is a great way to help prepare surface areas with a film of grease or build-up of dirt and grime. Degreasers, also called deglossers, cut through grease and grime to allow better paint adhesion. Read the label and follow directions carefully because this stuff is potent. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves and eye protection while using a degreaser.

Remove Electric Switch and Outlet Plates

Instead of the time-consuming task of masking off or cutting around all of your electrical outlets and switch plates, remove them using a screwdriver. Painting around each electrical outlet will be much easier and less messy. Tape the screws onto the back of the outlet and switch plates to keep track of screws when it’s time to reinstall them.

Wash New Paint Roller Covers

Yes, washing brand-new paint roller covers before using them is a critical step. Pre-washing removes loose bits of fuzz that will come off and stick to your new paint job. Wash the covers with water and a little liquid soap, then run your hands up and down to remove loose fibers.

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