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Painting Contractor: Choose From a Variety of Paint Types

The Different Types of Paint You Can Use

Think again if you believed that selecting paint just required selecting a color from a paint chip. Before you even consider finishes, you must decide what kind of paint is ideal once you’ve chosen a hue. Primer, finish coatings, interior paint, and exterior paint are a few examples of paint types, according to a painting contractor. To complete your paint job successfully the first time, you must choose the proper one because they are all utilized for various surfaces in various ways. Before you visit the hardware shop, consider the following information on different types of paint.


Any surface that will receive your main paint color should first receive a foundation layer of primer. It serves as a protective base and aids in creating a uniform, smooth finish to your painted surface. Additionally, it reduces the number of coats required and reduces the possibility that the underlying color may show through your new color because it goes on white. Priming may appear like an extra step that is not essential, yet the outcome can be greatly affected by it.

Finish Coat

The phrase “finish coat” may suggest a sophisticated sealer that requires an additional step in your project, but it only describes the kind of paint you apply over the primer. There won’t be a need for additional sealant because you’ll select the appropriate paint finish for your project.

Interior Paint

Everything within your home should be painted with interior paint, which should go without saying. Interior paint ought to be used to paint walls, cabinets, and furniture.

Exterior Paint

You shouldn’t skimp on paint when painting something outside, even if exterior paint is normally more expensive than interior paint. It is specially made to withstand the elements and adapt to sharp temperature fluctuations. Using exterior paint on an outdoor project will extend its lifespan and improve its appearance.

Water-Based Latex Paint

Although there are many different types of paint (including oil paint, acrylic paint, and more), water-based latex paint is the most common choice for painting homes. It is secure for individuals with latex allergies, simple to use, and simple to clean.

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