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Take These Suggestions From Your Reliable Painting Contractor

Use These Tips to Choose the Right Paint Colors for Your Office

If you’ve decided to repaint your office, you’re probably looking for a reliable painting contractor that can help you with the project and ensure that it will be successfully completed. But, while hiring the right painters is important, it’s not the only thing that you must do — you should also decide what paint colors will be used in your project. By selecting the right options, you’ll give your office a new lease on life and ensure that it’s always ready to impress.

Not sure how to make the right choice? Here are a few tips that can help you:

Focus on your company colors

It’s often recommended to take inspiration from your company colors. By doing so, you’ll get to strengthen your brand and ensure that your office will represent your business in the best way possible. Just make sure to use your company colors wisely; if they’re bold and eye-catching, you can use them for a few accent walls and leave the rest of the space in neutral hues. This way, you can weave your brand into your office design without having to shock your employees and visitors with solid, in-your-face paint colors.

Pick hues that create the ideal ambiance

According to color psychology, different hues affect people in different ways. So, when repainting your office, you’ll want to choose colors that will inspire the right emotions in your staff and visitors. For instance, if you manage an accounting firm, you can use shades of blue in your office since it promotes focus and concentration. If your business is on the creative side, it’s advisable to add a pop of yellow since it inspires imagination and artistry.

Pick the right paint colors for your office by using these tips! If you’d like to get additional advice, or if you’re still looking for the right company to hire for the project, get in touch with Fresh Paint LLC. We’re a professional and experienced painting contractor in Spearfish, SD, and we provide top-notch commercial painting solutions to our customers. Give us a call now at (605) 252-3988 to know more about our services and book an appointment with our team!